Information about visa application due to current travel restrictions (COVID 19 pandemic) to the EU

22.05.2020 - Article

Germany has introduced travel restrictions for entries from outside the Schengen area on March 17, 2020. Based on an EU recommendation, these have been prolonged until June 15, 2020 and may be extended, if necessary. All corresponding entries from non-EU-citizens and citizens of non-Schengen states by plane or ship will be affected.

Due to the current travel restrictions, the acceptance of new visa applications and the issuing of visa are momentarily limited and only possible for persons identifying with the following Groups:

  • Family members of EU-citizens (spouses, parents, children). Since fiancés are not considered family members by legal definition, this does not apply for travels for marriage. Not affected are family members of Blue Card holders with a resident permit according to §18b (2) S. 1 or S. 2 AufenthG (or §19a AufenthG if issued before 29.02.20). A resident permit is essential. A visa that has yet to be transformed into a resident permit is not sufficient.
  • Medical personnel (nurses, researchers, doctors) who enter Germany in order to work in their respective occupational field.
  • Passengers with non-Schengen connecting flights who have to pass through international transit zones and require a transit visa.

For submitting a visa application an appointment has to be booked via online booking system. Accelerated procedures are not possible.

Entering Germany is only possible for persons identifying with the following groups:

  • German nationals and EU-citizens spouses, parents, children) residing in Germany
  • Family members of German nationals or EU-citizens already holding a valid visa
  • Foreign nationals holding a valid residence permit (Aufenthaltstitel) or a valid temporary residence permit (Fiktionsbescheinigung)

Please note that you have to be able to provide proof of your residence status or travel purpose when entering Germany. If you are not able to do so, you may be rejected at the border and barred from entering  Germany.

For the time being, our Visa Section will only accept new visa applications for one the following purposes of stay: family reunion to a German or EU citizen.

Please note that under the current circumstances the processing time for new visa applications will be longer than usual.

We currently do not accept new visa applications for the following purposes of stay: Working-Holiday, language courses, university study applicants, high-school exchange, job seeker, Au-Pair,  employment (including Blue Card EU), university studies, Researchers,other purposes.


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