Essential business travel to Germany (Update from Sep. 16.2020)!!

16.09.2020 - Article

The prerequisite for the entry of self-employed and employed business travellers is that they can provide sufficient evidence that it is absolutely necessary for them to enter Germany even taking the pandemic situation into account. A declaration on the absolute necessity for a business trip at short notice personally signed by the business partner or employer in Germany is required as prima facie evidence. A declaration by a business partner or employer in the sending State (third country) is not sufficient by itself.

The following documents are required as prima facie evidence of the absolute necessity of entry by business travellers to attend trade fairs: For trade fair exhibitors, confirmation of participation by the trade fair organiser; for trade fair visitors, the ticket for the trade fair as well as confirmation by at least one trade fair exhibitor of an appointment for a business meeting at the trade fair.

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