Certificate of good conduct

Jemand zeigt mit dem Finger auf ein erweitertes Führungszeugnis

Führungszeugnis, © Stephan Jansen/dpa

01.12.2017 - Article

A Certificate of Good Conduct (Führungszeugnis) is issued by the Federal Central Registrar, the so-called Bundeszentralregister (BZR), an office under the Ministry of Justice. The certificate of good conduct is in German only and can be only issued to persons over 14 years of age.

For more Information about that specific certificate check the BZE-Website (German only).

Step 1
Download the application form and complete it. Do not sign it.
德國良民證申請表 - 英文版 PDF / 242 KB

Step 2
Take the complete application form to the German Institute. The applicant's signature and the personal information on the application have to be authenticated by the German Institute Taipei.
The fee is the equivalent of € 20.00, payable in cash. Please bring your passport along with the application form.

Step 3
The fee for the certificate of good conduct is € 13.00 and has to be paid in advance. Please note that you can not pay this fee to the German Institute Taipei.
Payments to the Federal Central Registrar can be made by check or bank transfer to

Deutsche Bundesbank - Cologne Branch -
IBAN No.: DE49370000000038001005
BIC/swift No.: MARKDEF1370
Purpose: (file reference of the event - if known - or the forename and the surname of the person making the application)

For further information on international drafts or money transfers, please contact your bank.

Step 4
Mail the application to the Federal Central Registrar together with a proof of payment.

Federal Office of Justice
Referat IV 2
53094 Bonn

A fax application can not be accepted.
The certificate of good conduct will be sent only to the applicant's home address or to a German authority. If you want your certificate send to a German authority, please attach to your application a letter stating the name and address of the receiving authority and its reference/file number (if applicable).

Step 5
If the certificate of good conduct is intended for use in Taiwan, an additional authentication by one of the four Taipei offices in Germany is normally requested by the Taiwanese authorities. The authentication also includes a translation of the document. Currently the fee for this service is approx. 33 Euros.

We strongly recommend to inquire with the Taiwanese authority before applying for the certificate of good conduct.

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