Checklist for National German Visa - Language Course

06.10.2021 - Article

National German Visa - Language Course
Before filling out the application form and booking the appointment for applying for the visa, please prepare all of the following documentation completely and carefully:

(Please make sure to submit all documents listed below as we cannot process incomplete applications. If you fail to submit a complete application at your appointment, the visa process will be severely delayed and the visa may be denied.)

o Valid passport (issued within the last 10 years, signed personally, with at least 2 blank pages);
o Completely filled out and signed application form,
o Copy of the data page of your passport,
o Motivation letter,
o Booking confirmation of language school, stating the number of lessens included in the booked course and confirmation of payment of the course-fee, (the language-course has to include at least 18 lessons per week. To avoid any delays during the processing of your application, due to possible higher requests by the relevant alien’s authority, we recommend booking language-courses offering at least 20-22 lessons per week);
o Proof of knowledge of German language (recommended: at least B1), plus 1 copy
o Curriculum Vitae in German or English,
o Financial proof in the form of:
- Blocked account in Germany (Sperrkonto), on the name of the applicant, with a Minimum credit balance of 1027,- € per intended month of stay and a comment that the owner of the account can only dispose of 1027,- € per month;
o 2 current, identical and biometric passport pictures (not older than 3 months);
o Taiwanese ID Card or (for non-Taiwanese) ARC/APRC, plus 1 copy
o On request, shortly before the visa is issued:
- intended date of entry
- Proof of travel health-insurance coverage for Germany, original plus 1 copy

Please prepare one complete set of the above mentioned documentation and also bring the originals. Please do NOT staple any documents!
In case documents cannot be presented in English or German, a relevant translation has to be enclosed.

Please note that the German Institute reserves the right to request additional documentation in individual cases.

Your application will be sent off to the relevant authorities in Germany for processing. The processing takes about 8 weeks. The processing time is depending on the individual case. The German Institute is not in the position to influence or speed up the processing time in any way. We kindly ask to not contact us for any status updates during the processing time and thank for understanding that inquiries of these kinds cannot be answered. As soon as the authorities in Germany finished processing the application, we will immediately get in contact with you via email.

The handing over of the above mentioned documentation does not guarantee the issuance of a visa!

Only complete application can be processed. We reserve the right to reject incomplete applications.
The visa-fee is 75,- € payable in the equivalent in Taiwan Dollar in cash or via credit card. After handing over the application, no fees can be refunded.

Important Notice:
If you plan to study immediately after finishing the language-course in Germany, it is necessary that you apply for right kind of visa from the beginning on (study-applicant or study-visa), since you would have to leave Germany and apply for the study-visa from Taiwan otherwise. A visa for a language-course visit cannot be changed into a study-visa in Germany!
You are not allowed to pursue any kind of employment if you are in the possession of an ordinary language-course visa!

Disclaimer: Although the information in this check list has been prepared with utmost care, we cannot accept any responsibility for inaccuracies contained herein. The applicable laws and regulations may change at any time.

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